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Thread: SkyFall Clothing and Discoveries

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Zaritsky View Post
    Have a looksee at the newest Podcast:

    Last remaining PPK shirt... In XL! Pure class!

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    Quote Originally Posted by unrealworld82 View Post

    So what does everyone think about the shirt in the leaked photos? Pale blue button down with French Cuffs? That is actually a rare combo. I know I saw in an interview somewhere that Tom Ford/Daniel Craig were working together to create a new "signature" style for Bond. Interestingly, I also noted that at least one of the suits has a single vent - which is somewhat "un" European. Coupled with the button down, is Bond going for a more "American" tailoring on this outing? In either case, I like how the look in someway echoes back to Connery (the pale blue color and the tie are reminiscent of that era at least) yet introduce some new elements to the ensemble.
    It looks like he is wearing a tab collar, not a button down. The style supposedly originated with the Prince of Whales in the 20's and 30's so there is a British influence...

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    I understand this is one of two new watches he will be wearing in the movie. Has anyone found a replica for the I have found the same watch in other colours other than blue.

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    Gents, just sent to me from Tom Ford...a swatch sample of Bond's new suit from SkyFall...more to come...
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    Sunglasses that will be on film?

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    These sunglasses from the April 1 spy photos seem to have transparent ends on the arm, but in earlier photos we saw black ends (, but those might have been glasses het was wearing between takes (so not visible in the film).

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    A member over at Filmjackets asked about these sunglasses and I think they're either Ray Ban Aviators or another Tom Ford sunglass knock off.

    The lens shape, bridge shape and placement, hinge, and clear temple tips all look exactly like classic RB aviators. The only thing throwing off the look is the apparently thicker temple wire, which could be the lighting. I know it's not likely that they're using RB, just pointing out the similarity to such an established frame.

    Whatever they are, they're definitely not in TF's current lineup, not that that means anything.

    Nice, large pic:

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    Thanks for the picture, Kittlemeier. I agree it doesn't seem to be a Tom Ford pair from the current range, the arms are very thin, as you say more like a standard Ray-Ban aviator. I also don't see the Tom Ford logo engraved in the left lens, which also doesn't mean much unfortunately, but so it doesn't like an off the rack standard pair. Might have to be patient on this one...

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    seems like a random shades..
    something he wears between sets,,
    won't be in the movie

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