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Thread: Honda bike in SkyFall

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    Honda bike in SkyFall

    In new spy photos from Istanbul we get a clear shot of the bike that is driven by Ola Rapace (or his stuntman in this case). The bike seems to be a Honda with Turkish traffic police ("Trafik Polisi") stickers. The frame and engine look like a Honda CRF450R ( but the plastic covers and seat are quite different.

    Any ideas which model this is?

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    another Honda, this one being a Honda CRF250R

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    Remmert, this is a quote from the 007 website.

    In total twenty CRF250R machines were heavily adapted and dressed to look like two local motorbikes. One is a Turkish police bike that Patrice (Ola Rapace), seizes after a crash, the other is a Turkish merchant’s bike that Bond uses to pursue Patrice through the streets in a high speed chase. Both bikes feature extensive modifications courtesy of Chris Corbould’s award-winning special effects team.
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    definitely noticeable differences between the kit and the real deal, which is to be expected. But it might be the closest thing i'd ever have to an Aston lol.

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