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Thread: Bond 24 anyone?

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    Bond 24 anyone?

    Confirmed today:

    IGN: "James Bond will return ... in two years.

    Sony reportedly announced today at CinemaCon that, even though Skyfall doesn't open until November, they are moving forward right away on the tentatively titled Bond 24. The studio has slated the film for a holiday 2014 release, a mere two-year gap between Bond films (there were four years between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall)."

    "MI6 points out that Bond 24 is also Craig's first 'optional' film from his original contract, which like recent actors before him, was three films and the first refusal at a fourth."

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    Very good news!

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    Daniel Craig is doing an Awesome job in the franchise and whoever owns whatever company that is making the next film should already have planned to cater to Craigs list of requests to appear in 24 and hopefully 25. November cant come soon enough.

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    I agree, hopefully Bond 24 will have the best aspects of all the previous Bonds rolled into one crisp production with the grit that Craig brings to it
    Bond: Well, since "double-0's" have a short life expectancy, your mistake will be short-lived

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    Daniel Craig has made the role his own. I hope he continues with the franchise to 24.

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