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Thread: M jewellery identification - Casino Royale

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    M jewellery identification - Casino Royale

    This section may not get too much attention, however it seems like the correct place to post this.
    It seems like Georg Jensen may have had some product placement in Casino Royale... more specifically with M's jewellery.

    I've attached 2 screenshots, and pictures of: (1) GJ Offspring pendant necklace; (2) GJ Cascade earrings; and (3) Cascade Neckring.

    Attachment 1012Attachment 1013Attachment 1014Attachment 1015Attachment 1016

    Thoughts? Anyone else heard anything about Georg Jensen products in Casino Royale?
    Google doesn't seem to come up with any substantial written evidence, so this is just what I have spotted...

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    The attachments don't work, try again please. I do think that this can be of interest to a few collectors!

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    Yes, could you please try to attach the images again, they seem to have been lost. Would be interested to see them!

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