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Thread: Skyfall Watch leaked?

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    Skyfall Watch leaked?

    A moderator and dealer leaked this info on another forum

    I can't take the (peer) pressure
    The official Bond watch is a 38.5mm AT with a blue dial. Reference number is/will be Price is EUR 4.050,- (incl 19% VAT). This is the watch he wears in the movie. When the movie comes out you can expect a limited edition Planet Ocean 42mm. It has a textured dial (lines) and at '7' it has the 007 logo. It is very small and not very noticeable compared to any other 007 limited. It will get reference number and will be priced at EUR 4.760,- (incl VAT). I have not had a chance to look at the caseback, I had the watch in my hands for a few seconds before it was taken away . Please note that the prices can change before they come out, but these are the price I have now.
    Well it def looks like the Aqua Terra to me from this recent Skyfall on set closeup!

    Name:  daniel-craig-skyfall-filming-07.jpg
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    As for the limited edition Skyfall watch being a PO, that leads me to believe that he will be wearing one also in the film (2 watches).

    The Omega price list from Basel confirms the above with regards to the Skyfall PO see below:

    Seamaster James Bond-LE ST/ST black ceramic bezel lacquered "007" black dial gun.barrel-structure caseback 9mm bullet decor on rotor thru sapphire LE 3007x
    $ 5,200

    ST/ST black ceramic bezel ring black dial with applied "007" at 7H "Skyfall 007" on rotor LE 5007x
    $ 6,500
    Interesting huh??

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    If true then this is pictures of the actual model he will wear -

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    Great find! The closeup picture seems to confirm Aqua Terra at least in that scene, and you could be right that he wears 2 different watches.

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    Image from GQ UK

    I think this image shows the dial well enough that is is the Aqua Terra!
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    Nice one. I also like his sunglasses a lot!
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