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    I have been using a 3 Day Assault Pack (lol at name) made by Blackhawk Industries for years. Mostly I didn't care how it looked bringing it to work since I worked 12 hour shifts and a lot of nights. That's out and now I work only days. Needless to say I don't want to show up with this thing anymore. Now that I'm starting to upgrade my clothes I need to ditch the backpack for every day use at work and go with something more stylish.

    Can anyone chime in with suggestions on what to get that Bond or DC might actually use in a more casual setting? Obviously it has to be minimalist and practical. My personal requirement is that it be business casual. I'm not a lawyer and I don't have to show up for work at an intelligence agency in a full suit every day so I'm not looking for a hard case. I would look just as ridiculous walking in with a hard briefcase as I do now with the backpack.

    So far I like the Smithson, it seems to be well built, water proof zippers and just enough pockets and inner dividers to handle everything you can throw at it. Here it is in Dark Oak.

    It also comes in Charcoal and Black (found in the store page).

    Any other ideas?
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    I am a HUGE fan of the Filson line (and so is DC and Cruise and everyone...but I digress...) especially the 257 and 256...they will run you about two bills and will last forever and scream cool. Don't know if Bond would use Filson, as he is more of a a Swaine/Zero/Samsonite could always go vintage (1960s) Samsonite like YOLT and MadMen.

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    A few Bond used cases...too formal for your needs I think...
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    Hey mate,

    I'd say a Samsonite is the go. Maybe a portfolio model like this one?

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    Very cool suggestions guys! Thank you so much! This gets me in the right direction.

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    I use a Pelican 1470 in black. I re-lined it with red twill to make it a little more Bond-ish. I also created a hidden compartment to hold my pistol when I travel for work.

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    Depending on your budget, Mont Blanc have some very simple/minimalist pieces, which work in both casual and formal settings. The leather is surprisingly hardy as well.

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