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Thread: Any Bond Gadgets for Xmas?

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    Any Bond Gadgets for Xmas?

    I have a "hunch" I am receiving a Bond-like gadget for the holidays...a mini-grappling hook...totally impractical, so totally cool. Anyone else spotted or received any cool gadgets that are worthy of Bond?

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    Not a gadget..Or is it?Name:  securedownload.jpg
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    Either way, Santa came early.

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    Alright, Jonas wins!!!

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    I know I am receiving this....too cool. A portable 007 flask that clips to inside of a coat or pocket...has two shot glasses built-in! Small enuf to be concealable. Going to pour some Hennessy in it for our walk today...
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    Sweet! Never seen that before. Nice gift to have coming!

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    Suppressed walther PPK

    Since it's christmas, I thought i'd treat myself to a de-activated walther PPK with suppessor.

    Looking forward to the postman arriving tomorrow.

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    Definitely not a gadget but I did get one of these awesome limited edition prints I love it!

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    Very nice! I like the black face....

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    I received a REPLICA Rolex Sub.

    Some playing cards that double as throwing cards,

    A briefcase for a FRWL conversion

    Two throwing knives

    The Credit Card lock pick set

    A ppk airsoft gun!

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    This is a fenix LD10 flashlight.

    100 lumens

    on a single AA battery

    If Bond were to have a flashlight - he would have one of these.

    Is capable of blinding an enemy spy at close range and has a strike bedezel if you are to use it as a weapon.

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