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Thread: What Bond clothes/gear are you wearing?

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    Sorry, Lands End Canvas...I did a few reviews on them on Z Lifestyle...

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    Ahh Gotcha!

    I see he has been wearing the Lands End Parka coat when on set in-between takes too!

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    wow...never noticed that...nice find!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Zaritsky View Post
    wow...never noticed that...nice find!
    About the only thing I'm likely to contribute lol. Not as eagled eyes as the rest of you!!!

    Is the LEC V "premier" neck an approximation item or the actual thing DC is wearing?

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    Approximation but a good one at that...and budget conscious so no need to fear the dreaded oil stain from salad dressing or the wayward pen mark...

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    Cold out today...need something to take the chill off...Penfield QoS vest, Dragon Tattoo budget cardi, navy v-neck, CR PO
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    Hey folks, just wanted to let people know that I also have a non-Bond video podcast that is more INSPIRED by but not directly can subscribe to it below and you will be automatically sent a notice when there are new ones published:

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    Yesterday at the car-museum:
    - Baracuta G9 Harrington-Jacket in Dark Navy
    - Grey V-Neck Sweater
    - Scotch & Soda Ralston
    - Church's Ryder 3
    - Omega Seamaster
    - last but not least a beautiful Aston Martin DB2... unfortunately not mine
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    Will do, the videos on the channel are great fun! Keep making them

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    Thanks for the paralle style approach. Great stuff.


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