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Thread: Type of knife in Quantum of Solace?

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    Type of knife in Quantum of Solace?

    What kind of knife does 007 carry and then give up to M's henchmen after being detained in the hotel in Quantum of Solace?

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    It is a CRKT copy of the AG Russel "Sting" They still sell them...Somewhere in the $35.00 range.
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    I never understood why people pay so much for a knife (for protection). A typical knife will do just fine in defense.

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    Because half the battle is image, If you have something that looks imposing, best bet is after a single glance, the assailants gonna just turn around and walk away. comparable to something smaller or simpler looking. It's the "security dilemma" he got a stick, I'm gonna go get a bigger an better stick.

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    I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence here, but you might want to check your local laws before carrying this knife for self defense. In North Carolina, this would be considered a concealed weapon, and requires the same permit as a concealed handgun. This is due to it being a fixed blade knife, and also because of the overall length of the knife. Because of this, it makes more sense to carry a simple folding pocket knife.

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