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Rub up your intelligence quotient

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While you're busy trying on the clothes, driving the cars, etc. how about getting involved with an important organization for intelligence (as in spying) matters of which you can become an associate member, Check it out at
For intel vets (I've been a member 32 years) there is regular membership. For the fans their is associate membership.

From the site...

Membership Requirements & Eligibility
Membership in AFIO is open to all U.S. citizens who adhere to AFIO's principles, subscribe to AFIO's educational objectives, and wish to support - or participate in - AFIO activities and programs. There are two categories of membership: Members and Associate Members. Both Members and Associate Members may be officers or directors of the Association.

Members - Current and Former U.S. intelligence, counterintelligence, military, law enforcement and related (e.g. security) personnel (any rank or level), may become Members.

Associate Members - U.S. citizens in private, civil, academic or corporate pursuits, as well as, Americans currently in non-intelligence government employment (at any level) or other military service, may become Associate Members.

Wanna talk the talk? How about starting to walk the walk?
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