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In Skyfall Bond is issued the Walther PPK/S in "9mm Short" (aka "9mm Kurz" in Germany, and ".380 caliber" in the U.S.). The one he's issued has a palm reader in the grip installed by Q-Branch so that only Bond can fire it. The difference between the PPK and the PPK/S is the PPK/S has a larger Walther PP frame with a PPK slide. The reason for the creation of the PPK/S is that in 1968 the U.S. banned importation of small pocket pistols, including the PPK. Walther countered by offering the PPK/S which is large enough to be allowed for import. The PPK/S has one more round capacity due to the longer grip. For over 30 years the PPK was unavailable for purchase new in America. In the early 2000s Smith & Wesson entered into a licensing deal with Walther and started manufacturing both the PPK and the PPK/S in America. However, it's been widely reported that the quality isn't as good as the German-made Walthers. In Skyfall after Bond ignores Q's warning and loses the PPK/S he appears in later scenes with a PPK.